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Flower Essence Healing

Thousands of years old and made popular by the work of Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's, healing the mind and spirit through the use of flower essences is a safe but powerful approach to well-being.

Flower essences--whether sprayed in a room, added to a lotion, or taken by mouth--are made of water infused with the unique energy patterns and vibrations of plants chosen for their healing ability.

Flower essences differ from both herbal medicine and essential oils in that they can be safely self-administered, have no scent, create no known side effects, and do not interfere with herbal or traditional medication.

Essences complement Reiki, Shiatsu, Vibrational Sound Therapy, and Reflexology beautifully.

Flower essences are especially effective for:

  • grief

  • anger issues

  • trauma or abuse

  • depression

  • compulsive or addictive behaviors

  • past-life work or issues

  • life transitions

  • anxiety and panic

Private flower essence consultations allow me to learn about you and your specific needs. With the help of the flowers and in response to the assessment, I will handcraft a blend for you.

Initial consultations require an hour, and *follow-ups are recommended as needed.

Appointments are $75 and include a *one-hour phone (or ZOOM) consultation, 1/2 oz. custom blend (~300 drops), and one follow-up consultation.

Flower essences also provide effective intervention for furry friends, whether they're ferals, animals in a shelter/rescue, domestic pets, or barnyard friends large and small! See Animal Healing for more information.

*Additional follow-up consultation: 30 minutes, $25

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