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Animal Reiki

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Available to animal companions big and small*, reiki is a wonderful way to help your pet:

  • feel better and stronger

  • negotiate an ongoing or chronic illness

  • keep her 'spark' (especially aging or ill pets)

  • address behavioral issues gently

  • recuperate from surgery

  • heal from injuries or trauma

  • adjust to a new living situation

  • transition peacefully

To reduce anxiety, animal reiki sessions take place either via distance reiki or in their home, and last an hour. I have experienced wonderful results with chronic illness when providing consistent treatment over the course of a few sessions.

Other situations that would work best with a series of sessions include healing from trauma or abuse, and behavioral issues. In all cases, regardless of the issue, the best results occur with love and patience.

*I have special experience in traumatized domestic and feral cats. 

60-minute Distance Reiki session: $85

60-minute Reiki Session in Client's Home: $145

Gentle Flower Essence Healing for Animals

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Flower essences work gently but powerfully and provide a lovely way of helping animals in need.

Flower essence animal consultations take the same approach as human consults, with essences administered in food, water, or topically on an animal's coat or skin. We will determine the best way to administer the essence during the consult.

I have created blends to ease the effects of chronic disease, address skin and coat problems, behavioral issues, fear/terror, separation anxiety, and more. Although gentle, flower essences can produce amazing results.

Appointments are $75 and include a *one-hour consultation, 1/2 oz. custom blend (~300 drops), and one follow-up consultation.

*Additional follow-up consultation: 30 minutes, $25

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