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2023 Wellness Workshops

All of my healing events, workshops, and classes encourage active learning, provide interactive content, and encourage participants to enjoy and step into the material.

Many workshops provide CE credits and can also be enjoyed without any prior experience.

Prerequisites, if any, are listed in each workshop description.




Glorious Sounds! Sound Bath

Relax mind and body as waves of sound carry you into places of deep healing and peace. Resting comfortably, participants will enjoy the restorative sounds of therapeutic singing bowls, wind gongs, crystal singing bowls, musically-tuned chimes, and other instruments that create the perfect state to receive healing. Powerful sound waves pass through the body to massage debris from the cells, organs, and chakras. Singing bowls also aid a peaceful state by bringing the mind into Theta brainwaves.

Touch the Sound: Restorative Yoga & Vibrational Sound Therapy (in conjunction with a licensed massage teacher)

Resting in comfortable, restorative yoga poses, participants will experience vibrational sound therapy individually as I place handmade therapeutic bowls on the body that allow the vibrations to penetrate deeply in ways reminiscent of deep tissue massage. I will also implement chimes, gongs and other instruments. Restorative Yoga is a very gentle form of yoga in which participants practice the Judith Lasater method with the goal of bringing pure relaxation to the body and mind.


Learning From the Ancients: Self-Wellness Using Reiki, Reflexology, and Shiatsu (2 hrs/2 CEs or 6 hrs/6 CEs)

A class during which participants learn basic reiki holds, acupressure points, and reflexology positions to address complaints such as insomnia, upset stomachs, and anxiety. No experience required.


Bach and Beyond: An Introduction to Flower Essences (6 hrs/6 CEs)

This fun and informative workshop offers an intriguing look into flower essence therapy, first discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the early 20th century. Based on the premise that all living botanicals contain healing properties, flower essences address emotional, mental, and physical issues on an essential, energetic level. In this workshop participants gain an understanding of essences and how they work, how essences differ from other plant-based modalities, and how they address our subtle bodies and the creation of disease. We will also review how to perform a flower essence assessment, how to use essences with animals, practice flower essence intuition, and how to create an essence ‘stock.’ Participants will create a custom blend to take home. No experience required.

Meeting the Earth: An Introduction To Crystals and Gems (3 hrs)

(Also available as all-day interactive presentation)

Full of practical information and exploration, this workshop provides hands-on experience with various kinds of crystals. All students will choose seven semi-precious chakra gems to take home. Activities include using crystals to strengthen the chakras, tasting hand-crafted elixirs, and incorporating crystals at home/work for harmony and abundance. Browse crystals, shells, and gems from Sylvia’s collection, including an ocean jasper sphere weighing over 25LBS. Other items available for purchase.

Anxiety & Nutrition: Heal the Connection! (3 hrs)

Participants will learn about diet’s impact on emotion, stress, brain chemistry, and how certain food choices can decrease anxiety and panic attacks. Learn how to sleep more soundly, avoid nightmares, and get the rest you need.

Private Workshops

Are you and your friends interested in learning more about a unique topic? Does a private workshop or sound bath with friends sound like fun? Let's talk! I'd love to book a private workshop or sound healing  event for a minimum of seven participants.

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Refer a friend*, and you'll both get $20 off you next sessions.

*New clients only. Discount applicable only after referral has completed initial session.

All cancellations of in-house workshops are subject to a 30% service charge. Cancellations within 24 hours of class or 'no shows' forfeit payment in full. Thank you!

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