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Integrative Healing Services

All of these services are powerful yet gentle, serving to help work though life transitions, grief, and trauma, for those seeking a gentler way of addressing anxiety, panic, or PTSD, or if you simply want to relax and rejuvenate.

Reiki is a gentle, energy-based healing modality during which clients lie down fully clothed and relax, breathing deeply, while energy is applied gently over and under the body through light touch.

Reflexology is a form of theurapeutic, healing touch during which clients sit or lie down fully dressed as pressure is carefully applied to particular areas of the feet, hands, and ears. A reflexology session will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and as though you have experienced a full massage!

Shiatsu massage, or acupressure, uses slow, focused pressure on specific areas of the body as the client relaxes, fully clothed. Using palming and finger pressure, the therapist stimulates and opens meridian points (energy pathways), unblocking energy congestion and reintroducing the optimal flow of ki, or life energy.

Flower essences--whether sprayed in a room, added to a lotion, or taken by mouth--are made of water infused with the unique energy patterns and vibrations of plants chosen for their healing ability.

In VST you will remain fully clothed while led into a deep and relaxed meditation through the careful placement of handmade bowls on your body. I also use chimes, gongs, and other instruments, all tuned for optimum effectiveness.

Animals are highly sensitive and sentient, responding beautifully to integrative energy work.

What my clients are saying...

We started working with Sylvia when our rescue guy started showing concerning behaviors. The essences she creates for us have been LIFE CHANGING!

Betsy Z., 10-year flower essences client

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