Seven Sacred Breaths - Reiki
Seven Sacred Breaths - Integrative Healing
Reiki is a gentle, energy-based healing modality during which clients lie down fully clothed and relax, breathing deeply, while energy is applied gently over and under the body through light touch.
Reiki treatments may include guided meditation and can be useful in addressing specific life issues. During a session you may experience a "release" in the form of heat, cold, complete relaxation, shakiness, joy, sadness, stimulation, or any other range of responses--all appropriate and expected.
Reiki is a lovely, peaceful way to face life transitions, reduce stress, and experience inner peace, and is especially helpful and calming for those experiencing high levels of anxiety or panic.
Most clients report feeling deeply calm, rejuvenated, and relaxed after Reiki sessions. 

Would you like to better understand Reiki and use it to bring healing to yourself, friends, family, and even pets? Do you have a desire to meet with like-minded individuals and gain an understanding of this amazing life force?
Perhaps you would enjoy Reiki training...
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