Seven Sacred Breaths - Integrative Healing
Fall 2017 Special Events!

As the weather turns chilly, join us for some amazing events, learn a new skill, and even enjoy something you haven't tried before.

Healing Sound Bath for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Sunday, 11/26, 2:00 PM

Does thinking about the holidays
have you stressed?
Relax your mind and body as waves of sound carry you into places of deep healing and peace. Resting comfortably on the floor, you will experience the deep and restorative sounds of therapeutic singing bowls, Chinese gong, tingas, shaman drum, rattles, and musically-tuned chimes.

While most of the instruments are stationary, I also move around the room, playing closer to and placing bowls on those in need of healing or comfort. Feel calm, refreshed, and at peace!

The amazing experience lasts one hour.


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