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               2017 Wellness Workshops
I'm excited to begin offering online workshops in addition to classroom-based coursework in the Spring of 2017! These will include online learning opportunities in Reiki, Reflexology, and other modalities.
All of my workshops and classes, on-ground as well as online, encourage active learning, provide inter-active content, and encourage participants to enjoy and step into the material.
Many workshops provide CE credits and can also be enjoyed without any prior experience. Prerequisites, if any, are listed in each workshop description.

Private Workshops
Are you and your friends interested in learning more about one a unique topic? Does a private workshop full of friends sound like fun? Then let's get together! I'm happy to book private workshops for a minimum of seven participants. Together we'll work out the time and place, your friends can register on their own, and you get a 20% discount for helping set it up! Interested? Email or give me a call at 814-441-6254. 

Wondering what else I'm teaching in 2017? Browse my catalog of wellness workshops and reiki classes. 

2017 On-ground Workshops

(7 hrs/7 CEs)
A class for massage therapists, bodyworkers, and energyworkers in which students learn "Zone Theory" and guiding principles of Reflexology in order to balance, relax, and trigger the body’s natural healing mechanisms. 

Participants will learn the protocol for incorporation reflexology into a massage or energywork session. Workshop includes both giving and receiving a treatment.

Prerequisite: Experience and/or licensure in massage, bodywork, or energywork; massage/energywork students welcome

$278, includes handouts 

Coming Soon Online:
Learning From the Ancients: Shiatsu, Reiki & Reflexology Basics
(2 CEs)
This workshop welcomes individuals of all skill levels, from those interested in taking charge of their own wellness, to massage therapists, nurses, yoga instructors, personal trainers, and any professional who works with clients seeking better health!
Participants will learn safe and simple techniques for addressing common complaints such as headaches, insomnia, upset stomachs, and anxiety by using reiki self-healing, easy-to-do shiatsu holds, and effective reflexology points. Handouts included.

Animal Reiki 
(4 CEs)
Ideal for anyone who loves animals! Pet owners and animal shelter volunteers especially enjoy this class as we focus on using Reiki to help animals of all kinds heal, modify behavior, and transition peacefully. Handouts included.  
Reflexology Basics (7 CEs)
A class specifically designed for massage therapists, bodyworkers, and energy workers in which students learn "Zone Theory" and guiding principles of Reflexology. Participants will learn a basic protocol for incorporation into a massage/bodywork session.
Introduction to Shiatsu (12 CEs)
A class specifically designed for bodyworkers, massage therapists, and energy workers in which practitioners learn about the meridians, acupressure points, and basic shiatsu holds to address common ailments, as well as a simple facial protocol for incorporation into a massage or bodywork session.
All cancellations of in-house workshops are subject to a 50% service charge. Cancellations within 48 hours of class or 'no shows' forfeit payment in full. Thank you!

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